Fearless Women of the Week: Abbey D’Agostino & Nikki Hamblin

Bellin Health Physical Therapist and Wednesday training run co-leader Carrie Stella offers the latest installment in this inspirational blog series.

Do you remember watching this? With 2,000 meters left to go in their women’s 5,000-meter Olympic heat in Rio, Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand tripped and fell, accidently tripping Abbey D’Agostino of the United States. D’Agostino immediately pushed herself up onto her feet, but instead of running off to finish the race, she reached a helping hand toward Hamblin.  Despite D’Agostino sustaining significant injury during the fall, the two continued to help each other to the finish line. Neither woman brought home a medal, but both received the ‘fair play’ Olympic award for their acts of “selflessness and exemplary sportsmanship.”

I think we can all think of a time when we have “stumbled” while running.  I’m not talking about a physical stumble, even though those happen too. I’m talking about those times you feel like stopping, but someone reaches out to give you a helping hand to continue moving forward.  I’ll be honest; my training runs have not been going as great as I would like them to be at this point in the schedule. Yet each week, no matter how my run is going, I am greeted by smiles of encouragement and advice from runners I respect. This keeps me moving forward.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, we are a united sisterhood. We encourage each other, we support each other and together we move forward. During your next training run, find that person, and extend that “helping hand.”



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